Architectural Lighting


Net-Zero & Sustainable Architecture

Clanton & Associates works closely with cities, governmental organizations, universities to create guidelines, policies, and criteria that solve the problems of today and look towards the needs of tomorrow. The firm has successfully completed projects with cities and organizations across the country.

Master Planning, Policy,
& Smart Cities

Since their lighting design leadership in the Greening of the White House in 1992, Clanton & Associates has been the leader in designing lighting that minimizes environmental impacts, reduces sky glow, and significantly decreases energy use. They are committed to combating climate change through design and policy.

Streetscapes &

Clanton & Associates designs lighting for streetscapes and parks that balances aesthetic character with environemntal responsibility and human health. The Clanton team ensures that the unique goals of each individual project are met so that our public spaces meet their full potential.

Roadways & 

Clanton & Associates has designed and engineered lighting designs to illuminate roadways, interstates, interchanges, train & bus stations, bridges, parking areas, and pedestrian areas. With a design process that focuses on creating high-quality nighttime environments, they focus on minimizing unwanted glare, light pollution, and light trespass.

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