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Sunnyvale, CA

optimizing fundamentals like daylighting, views, air quality, and acoustics to help employees focus

1212 Bordeaux, located in Silicon Valley, is a test of various strategies for optimizing fundamentals like da lighting, air quality, and acoustics to help employees focus and be productive in an open-plan space. Google's 1212 Bordeaux office is a 100,000 sq. ft. facility, where the team strategy was how to improve occupant comfort and collect data on what works and what doesn't.

Key Features:

• To reduce glare, the design team oriented the roof’s glazing to the North

• The roof design included terraces with metal overhangs to shade the Southern exposure

• The building has automated exterior blinds on all sides

• Glass-walled meeting rooms line the floor’s perimeter, allowing daylight to penetrate its center

• A centralized sensor continually monitors the interior environment and adjusts ventilation accordingly, providing air-flow

• A sound masking system that is specifically tuned to voices to prevent conversations from traveling


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Architectural & Daylighting




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