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Denver, CO

Streetscape Improvements in the heart of the theater district

Clanton & Associates designed the lighting for the 14th Street Streetscape Improvements in the heart of the theater district in downtown Denver, Colorado. Lighting for this streetscape renovation includes street lighting, pedestrian scale and way-finding lighting, along with lighting for street monuments.

Lighting is designed with a combination of technologies including Induction and LED. These white light, low maintenance light sources provide excellent color rendition and low glare for the nighttime pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Induction is used for the street and pedestrian lighting while LEDs are used for in-grade pavers, accent lights in designated performance areas, and monument lighting.

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Clanton & Associates has developed street and pedestrian lighting master plans, lighting criteria, tours, pilot demonstrations, surveys, lighting measurements, and lighting research projects. Our extensive experience in creating street lighting master plans and guidelines for cities, assists our clients in making informed decisions regarding street lighting design to plan for the future of smart cities.