Boulder Junction

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Boulder, CO

Sustainable lighting in the heart of Boulder

A new bridge for vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic was constructed along Junction Place in Boulder, Colorado. The project included state-of-the-art solid state (LED) roadway, pedestrian, and bollard lighting.

The roadway and pedestrian lighting for the Boulder Junction project used LED technology, which was selected for its excellent color quality, low glare, advanced control features, and reduced energy use. Compared to conventional street lighting, the LED system uses 30% less energy – an annual savings of over $1,300. Additional savings are realized from reduced maintenance and tuning of light levels. This high-quality lighting system will contribute positively to improved visibility at night for pedestrians, residents, cyclists, and motorists alike.

All of the lighting for the project is controlled and metered with a wireless lighting control system that is interfaced with the City Traffic Signal network.

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