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Colorado Department of Transportation

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Denver, CO

Reconstructing Colorado's most congested corridor

Central 70 is a $1.2 billion, 10-mile reconstruction and widening of I-70 through Denver from Brighton Blvd to Chambers Road. This project has three distinct segments, including West, Central and East Segments. The West Segment from Brighton Blvd to Colorado Blvd replaces 1-mile long viaduct bridge, that was an imposing structure that divided the Elyria/Swansea neighborhood, with a lowered section of I-70 that removes this physical barrier and reconnects this neighborhood.

The lighting for I-70 is provided by 70-ft tall mid-mast light poles integrated with the median barrier. LED luminaires with low-glare optics create comfortable visibility while also minimizing light trespass for nearby residents. Street lighting for 46th Ave North and South also provides low-glare lighting that improves safety reassurance for pedestrians and residents. Pedestrian lighting on bridges enhances the character of the community.

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