City of Aurora Light Rail Corridor Lighting Evaluation and Improvements

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City of Aurora

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Aurora, CO

Develop the City of Aurora’s new LED Street and Pedestrian Lighting Standards

To improve pedestrian safety and accessibility to the new RTD R-Line Light Rail Stations along the I-225 corridor, Clanton & Associates collaborated with the City of Aurora to perform a comprehensive lighting study and develop lighting improvement strategies and a master plan. This study helped develop the City of Aurora’s new LED Street and Pedestrian Lighting Standards, as well as a detailed set of recommendations for sixteen sites that provide access to eight new Light Rail Stations. The existing lighting for each site was photographed, measured and calculated to determine the adequacy of the existing lighting system, and additional lighting was designed to improve the lighting to acceptable levels. Clanton & Associates prioritized each site and a performed a life cycle cost analysis comparing the cost of continuing the existing utility franchise agreement with City owned and maintained LED street and pedestrian lighting.

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Clanton & Associates has developed street and pedestrian lighting master plans, lighting criteria, tours, pilot demonstrations, surveys, lighting measurements, and lighting research projects. Our extensive experience in creating street lighting master plans and guidelines for cities, assists our clients in making informed decisions regarding street lighting design to plan for the future of smart cities.