City of San Diego Street Lighting Demonstration and Design Criteria

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City of San Diego

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San Diego, CA

Dark Skies in San Diego

Clanton & Associates supported a street lighting demonstration project for commercial areas in the City of San Diego. The City was in the process of replacing all of the street lighting with energy efficient LED and/or induction equipment. The demonstration project was conducted in order to inform the City on equipment selection, quality visual results, and also to receive input from the community on subjective preference.

Since San Diego is in close proximity to two professional observatories, the demonstration projects and street lighting design criteria (lamp spectral distribution and photometric distribution) were developed in cooperation with the observatories technical staff. Energy efficient, high quality, and low maintenance luminaires were selected for the one-for-one replacement demonstration projects. In addition, three different dimming systems were also evaluated as part of the adaptive standards demonstration. Visibility quality, including crosswalk pedestrian detection, were evaluated by a research team from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Clanton & Associates conducted the subjective evaluations. The results from the demonstration projects were then used by Clanton & Associates to develop a street lighting design criteria for the City.

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Clanton & Associates has developed street and pedestrian lighting master plans, lighting criteria, tours, pilot demonstrations, surveys, lighting measurements, and lighting research projects. Our extensive experience in creating street lighting master plans and guidelines for cities, assists our clients in making informed decisions regarding street lighting design to plan for the future of smart cities.