The Old Faithful Visitor Education Center

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Yellowstone National Park, WY

History and Geography to Inspire and Delight

The Old Faithful Visitor Education Center looks out over the iconic Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Clanton & Associates designed the lighting for exhibits that describe not only the geological processes and but also the history of the park. The exhibit lighting supports the educational process and sense of wonder with low glare light that illuminates the displays and text panels. The lighting equipment is integrated with the architecture to draw attention to the exhibits rather than the lighting.

Museum quality track lighting with 20 watt PAR metal halide lamps provide focused brightness, washes of light and shaped beams to enhance the graphic composition of the exhibits. Energy efficiency and low maintenance are key elements of this LEED Gold project with only one watt per square foot of lighting and only one lamp type throughout the Exhibit Hall for reduced maintenance and inventory.

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Architectural & Daylighting

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Clanton & Associates has developed street and pedestrian lighting master plans, lighting criteria, tours, pilot demonstrations, surveys, lighting measurements, and lighting research projects. Our extensive experience in creating street lighting master plans and guidelines for cities, assists our clients in making informed decisions regarding street lighting design to plan for the future of smart cities.