Vermijo Ave & Sierra Madre Streetscape

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Colorado Springs, CO

Dynamic and interactive lighting shows create a special experience at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic museum's doorstep

Lighting establishes the mood and perception of outdoor public spaces at night. Located at the cultural center of Colorado Springs near the Pike’s Peak Center and the new US Olympic Museum, the Vermijo & Sierra Madre project has transformed this area of downtown with a vibrant lighting design featuring layers pedestrian lighting and accent lighting that provides excellent visibility while enriching the landscape and hardscape. Contemporary LED pedestrian lighting complements the US Olympic Museum architecture while accent lighting is integrated into landscape and streetscape forms that identify the unique character of the district. Additional electrical outlets are integrated into the landscape and pedestrian lighting to provide power for events and holiday lighting.

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Lighting Design

Smart Cities


Clanton & Associates has developed street and pedestrian lighting master plans, lighting criteria, tours, pilot demonstrations, surveys, lighting measurements, and lighting research projects. Our extensive experience in creating street lighting master plans and guidelines for cities, assists our clients in making informed decisions regarding street lighting design to plan for the future of smart cities.