Westminster Station Park Nature Playground

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Westminster, CO

Landscape lighting at Westminster Park Nature Playground creates a moonlit effect at one of the largest nature playgrounds in the front range.

Westminster Station Park Nature Playground, located in Westminster, CO, is one of the largest nature playgrounds in the front range. The park is meant to engage all five senses during outdoor play. There are meandering pathways through the five acre site connecting log play structures, a replica fossil dig, tree houses, and the picnic pavilion. Poles with aimable floodlights, each with a custom hex-louver shield for glare control, are placed along the pathway to provide a moonlit, dappling effect through the deciduous trees. Each treehouse structure has a downlight centered in the vaulted ceilings to illuminate the structure and bridges. The pavilion has integrated linear, wet location tapelight mounted alongside the structural beams. The tapelight is aimed downward onto the highly reflective concrete, which reflects back to uplight the wood ceiling. The stairs along the pavilion all have integrated handrail lighting for wayfinding. To protect the integrity of illumination within the park, all lights are IP66 rated to reduce instances of vandalism.

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