Public Realm Lighting Design

Public Realm

Lighting transforms the outdoor public realm at night creating comfortable and attractive spaces that people can enjoy after sunset. Clanton & Associates designs lighting for streetscapes and outdoor public spaces that strike a balance of aesthetic character with responsibility to the environment and human health. We collaborate with our clients and design team to ensure that the unique goals of each individual project are met and that our public spaces meet their full potential. Our project experience includes designing lighting, electrical, and controls for streetscapes, town squares, pedestrian malls, landscape features, architectural facades, custom lighting, historic restoration, public art, bridges, roadways, and parking areas.

Public Realm Services

Pedestrian Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Furniture Lighting Features

Monument Lighting

Fountain Lighting & Controls

Dynamic Lighting Features & Controls

Dark Sky & Environmental Lighting

Spectral Tuning

Light Art Development & Coordination

Smart City Coordination

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Utility Coordination

Public Realm Projects

14th Street Sidewalk Lighting

14th Street Streetscapes

Streetscape Improvements in the heart of the theater district in downtown Denver, Colorado and lighting designed with a combination of technologies.

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16th Street Pedestrian Area

16th Street Mall Historic Lighting

Lighting is a critical component for creating a vibrant and safe nighttime experience for pedestrians along Denver's historic 16th Street Mall.

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Air Force Academy Courtyard at Night

Air Force Academy Courtyards

Outdoor lighting for the Air Force Academy’s CLDC courtyards creates a dynamic outdoor space with dimmable LED pedestrian and feature lighting.

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Campus Lighting at Night

Anschutz Medical Campus Lighting

A campus-wide outdoor lighting study to improve pedestrian safety and prioritize areas of improvement for the immediate, short-term, and long-term.

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Boulder Junction Pedestrian Lighting

Boulder Junction

This new bridge for vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic included state-of-the-art solid state (LED) roadway, pedestrian, and bollard lighting.

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Central 70 Satellite Photo Overlay Illustration

Central 70

The team worked closely with the local utility, CCD, and CDOT to select the pedestrian lights, wall lights, and streetlights that met all criteria.

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Union Station Plaza

Union Station Light Rail Plaza

At Denver Union Station’s Light Rail Terminal, a composition of light reveals the forms and textures of the plaza with bright focal accents...

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Fort Collins Alley at Night

Fort Collins Alleys

Multiple layers of light were employed using a combination of conventional and LED technologies. Maximizing aesthetics and minimizing glare.

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Bridge Lighting at Dusk

Millennium Bridge

Upgrading the lighting on the Millennium Bridge to improve visibility on the bridge, while reducing maintenance, energy use and light pollution.

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Vermijo & Sierra Madre Streetscape

Vermijo Ave & Sierra Madre

Lighting is a powerful and dynamic medium that transforms outdoor public spaces at night. Located at the cultural center of Colorado Springs near...

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Westminster Station Park Nature Play

Landscape lighting at Westminster Park Nature Playground creates a moonlit effect at one of the largest nature playgrounds in the front range.

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