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Arapahoe County Building

Clanton & Associates designed a suspended shade sculpture to improve the visual quality and eliminate glare. Our design team studied the seasonal...

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Anchorage Street Lighting Criteria

Clanton & Associates developed and conducted street lighting demonstration projects for residential and commercial areas in the City of Anchorage.

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City of Aurora Light Rail Corridor

In order to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility to the new RTD R-Line Light Rail Stations along the I-225 corridor, Clanton & Associates...

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Denver LED & Micro Cell Standards

Developing lighting and control performance criteria, aesthetics, and smart and micro cell pole standards while defining Denver's smart city image.

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City of San Jose Lighting Criteria

Demonstration projects were conducted in order to inform the City on equipment selection and quality visual results, and to provide input from the...

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Seattle Street Lighting Study

The Northwest Energy efficiency Alliance and the City of Seattle partnered to evaluate the future of led street lighting in the Pacific Northwest.

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South Salt Lake Master Plan

Recent master plans in South Salt Lake set the framework for urban redevelopment that will attract business and establish the city as a destination.

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Westminster Street Lighting Evaluation

The City of Westminster hired Clanton & Associates to study the City’s existing lighting and to recommend LED luminaires with input from...

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Colorado State Capital Building

This project's goal was to demonstrate energy savings while enhancing the lighting quality with the latest technologies and maintaining history.

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I-70 Chain Stations

During the design phase, Clanton & Associates modeled different lighting approaches to see if the sides of the trucks would be lighted even if snow...

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Peña Station NEXT Sign Codes

The proposed sign luminance thresholds for Pena Station NEXT were developed with community input & consideration for clarity and legibility of signs.

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