Architectural Lighting Design

The Clanton Attitude

We Take Care of Each Other

Our priority is taking care of our team and clients. We work to make sure that everyone has what they need when they need it. Our mantra is “How can I help?”

We Do the Right Thing... Always

Our integrity is what makes us great. We are committed to quality, active listening, effective communication, and transparency in all of our work.

We Seek and Take on Challenges

We never turn down a challenge. Getting out of our comfort zone allows us to grow our skills and expertise. Whether it is a complex project or a new goal, we strive to take on and overcome any challenge that presents itself.

We are Committed to Sustainability

Since our lighting design leadership in the Greening of the White House in 1992, our commitment to sustainability has been ingrained in every project. We believe that regenerative and net zero energy designs are integral to combating the threat of climate change. Quality daylighting supplemented with layers of electric light and optimized with controls is key to achieving this goal.

We are Growth Oriented

We never stop learning. We are constantly updating and changing our practices and policies to best suite the changing needs of our clients and industry. We believe that staying open minded and agile allow us to continually grow and provide the best service available.

We are Passionate About Our Work

Passion = Quality. We strive to ensure that our team members are activated and inspired by their work and able to pursue their professional passions. Whether that means beautiful lighting designs, smart engineering, or contributing to lighting and energy standards that will shape the future of our industry. Our teams’ passion for their work make them the best at what they do.

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