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Boulder Civic Park

Boulder Civic Park

Boulder Civic Park
Boulder Civic Park

Project Type

Urban Design


Boulder, CO




City of Boulder, Tom Leader Studio

In the heart of Boulder, Civic Park and Boulder Creek are havens for residents and wildlife alike.

Boulder Creek has is long been a center of cultural life in Boulder. From fishing to tubing, the creek is central not just to the city, but also to the history and wildlife of Boulder, CO.

Minimizing light spill into Boulder Creek and reducing skyglow were essential components of ensuring that Boulder Civic Park met and exceeded the high expectations of Boulder residents. For the pedestrian bridge, light spill into the creek was reduced to imperceptible levels and a concealed light source was integrated into the handrail of the bridge allowing pedestrians to easily navigate at night. Multi-headed poles were used to direct light precisely in order to illuminate the pedestrian corridor's multi-use path.

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