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Central 70

Central 70

Central 70
Central 70

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Denver, CO





This $1.2 billion, 10-mile reconstruction and widening of I-70 through Denver reconnects the Elyria-Swansea neighborhood and modernizes Denver's busiest traffic corridor.

Home to more than 1,200 businesses and carrying more than 200,000 vehicles a day, Central 70 is a once in a generation improvement in Denver's infrastructure. This 1.2 billion dollar roadway project is projected to result in more than $18 billion of new economic activity in Colorado by 2040.

The lighting for I-70 is provided by 70-ft tall mid-mast light poles integrated with the median barrier. LED luminaires with low-glare optics create comfortable visibility while also minimizing light trespass for nearby residents. Street lighting for 46th Ave North and South also provides low-glare lighting that improves safety reassurance for pedestrians and residents while carefully designed pedestrian lighting on the bridges enhances the character of the community.

The electrical engineering was coordinated with structures, walls, drainage, and utilities to ensure that details are constructable and minimize issues during construction. Conduit routing, electrical box locations, and light pole foundations were carefully considered and detailed for each unique situation. Clanton & Associates also provided electrical engineering for all Intelligent Traffic Systems, including variable message signs, lane use signs, CCTV cameras, tolling systems, ramp meters and more.

Clanton & Associates collaborated closely with multiple stakeholders, including CDOT, City & County of & Denver, Denver Parks & Rec, and Xcel Energy to meet the lighting design and electrical standards of each stakeholder. Our team designed all segments of Central 70 simultaneously, coordinating multiple overlapping deadlines within a tight design schedule. Throughout construction, we continued to work closely with the contractor and design team to ensure that the project was completed with the highest quality.

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