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I-70 Chain Stations

I-70 Chain Stations

I-70 Chain Stations
I-70 Chain Stations

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Vail, CO





The Vail chain station was the first to deploy lighting that focused on safety first for the truck drivers installing chains.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) hired Clanton & Associates to improve the visibility conditions of the chain stations along the I-70 corridor. Increasing safety and modelling new ways to light the mountain corridor.

During the design phase, Clanton & Associates modeled different approaches to optimize how trucks would be lighted in the wide variety of weather conditions on the mountain highway.

The final design selected asymmetric luminaires with light distribution optimized for lighting the vertical surfaces of the trucks and wheel areas. In addition, the lighting was designed to minimize light trespass onto neighboring properties by using controlled LED optics. The luminaires specified in this project were I/P addressable “ready” for advanced control systems. This design resulted in a new standard for CDOT chain up area lighting.

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