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Speer over Little Raven

Speer over Little Raven

Speer over Little Raven
Speer over Little Raven

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Denver, CO





The iconic green-arched Speer Boulevard Bridge brings community art and a striking lighting design together and helps connect cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles to Denver's iconic Confluence Park and Ball Arena.

Previously illuminated by large floodlights lining the outer edge of the bridge deck and pole-mounted flood lights from above, lighting on the bridge had been non-functional for years. Clanton worked to assess the existing conditions of the bridge and presented several different lighting approaches to bring new life to the Denver landmark.

Using renderings and on-site mock-ups, the team selected an option that provided soft illumination on the bridge arches and focused a brighter, playful lighting strategy in the underpass beneath. Completely covered by a large and brightly colored mural by artist Emanuel Martinez, the mural had previously been left dark at night. Clanton illuminated the mural with linear wall washers mounted to the underside of the deck, bringing life to the colorful depiction of people and nature that reside in Denver. An additional playful element was added with arched, direct-view linear luminaires, sweeping underneath the deck. Clanton also provided lighting on the stairs, using a retrofit solution that fit within the old, non-functional steplights, improving visibility, wayfinding, and safety for pedestrians.

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