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40 years of lighting excellence

 Since 1981, Clanton & Associates has been designing beautiful visual environments and integrating daylight and electric light to enhance spaces and support visual needs. We design light for indoor and outdoor environments with a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, minimizing energy use, sky glow, and light trespass. 

Our Mission

Since our founding, we have held a strong commitment to lighting design that respects the natural and human environment. Our mission is to illuminate beautiful sustainable places that enable people and nature to thrive.

Austin Central Library Atrium daylighting

Our Team

The Clanton & Associates team is made up of world-renowned lighting experts, electrical engineers, and designers. Our team's expertise is built on decades of experience in fields ranging from electrical design to theatrical lighting and we pride ourselves on our ability to look at a project from every perspective to find the best solution to any lighting challenge.

Our Founder

Nancy Clanton is renowned for her pioneering contributions to the field of lighting design. With a career marked by a passionate commitment to innovation, Nancy has positioned Clanton & Associates at the forefront of sustainable lighting solutions. Her extensive expertise and visionary approach have significantly influenced contemporary lighting practices.

Nancy’s work is characterized by a deep commitment to the advocacy of dark skies and sustainable design principles. Her efforts have not only reduced light pollution but have also fostered greater public awareness about the environmental impacts of lighting. As an industry leader, she has been instrumental in developing standards that prioritize energy efficiency and ecological sensitivity.

Beyond her professional achievements, Nancy is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of lighting designers. She has created numerous opportunities for young professionals to engage deeply with cutting-edge design techniques, sustainability practices, and regulatory frameworks. Through her leadership, Nancy has cultivated a culture at Clanton and Associates that values continuous learning, innovation, and a profound respect for the environment.

Her legacy is not just in the projects her firm has illuminated or the awards it has garnered, but also in the thriving community of professionals she has nurtured, who continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in lighting design. Nancy Clanton’s enduring impact on the field will influence industry standards and practices for years to come.

Nancy Clanton Headshot
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