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Apple Campus 3 Overhead

Apple Campus 3

Clanton & Associates designed the Daylighting and Campus Site Lighting for the Apple Campus 3, located in Silicon Valley. This project is an 18...

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The Colorado Capitol Building

Colorado State Capitol Building

This project's goal was to demonstrate energy savings while enhancing the lighting quality with the latest technologies and maintaining history.

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10th and Acoma

10th & Acoma

This 17-floor apartment community includes a 25,000 square foot roof top park, walking paths, community gardens, outdoor BBQ area, & spa facilities.

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Union Station at Night

Denver Union Station

Clanton & Associates collaborated with the architectural design team to recreate the historic 1920s chandeliers and sconces for the terminal.

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Exhibit Hall Entrance

The Old Faithful Education Center

Clanton & Associates was hired to design lighting for exhibits that describe not only the geological processes and but also the history of the park.

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1212 Bordeaux Architectural Drawing - Interior

1212 Bordeaux

1212 Bordeaux, located in Silicon Valley, is a test of various strategies for optimizing fundamentals like day lighting, air quality, and acoustics.

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Catalyst Luminaires

Catalyst Digital Health

Located in the RiNo (River North) district of Denver the Catalyst Digital Health Collaborative is a 305,000 square foot mixed use development.

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Day Lighting Illustration

Arapahoe County Building

Clanton & Associates designed a suspended shade sculpture to improve the visual quality and eliminate glare. Our design team studied the seasonal...

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Grand Canyon Dark Sky

Grand Canyon Dark Skies

The lighting design uses very low light levels that are similar to the light under a full moon. Bollard scale lights have a completely shielded...

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City of San Diego Satellite Photo

San Diego Street Lighting Criteria

The city of San Diego is in close proximity to two professional observatories, the demonstration projects and street lighting design criteria...

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Smart Poll Illustration

Denver LED & Micro Cell Standards

Developing lighting and control performance criteria, aesthetics, and smart and micro cell pole standards while defining Denver's smart city image.

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Westminster Colorado Satellite Photon

Westminster Street Lighting

The City of Westminster hired Clanton & Associates to study the City’s existing lighting and to recommend LED luminaires with input from...

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South Salt Lake at Night Satalite Photo

South Salt Lake Master Plan

Recent master plans in South Salt Lake set the framework for urban redevelopment that will attract business and establish the city as a destination.

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San Jose Street Light Locations

City of San Jose Lighting Criteria

Demonstration projects were conducted in order to inform the City on equipment selection and quality visual results, and to provide input from the...

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Campus Lighting at Night

Anschutz Medical Campus Lighting

A campus-wide outdoor lighting study to improve pedestrian safety and prioritize areas of improvement for the immediate, short-term, and long-term.

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Aurora Light Rail Areas

City of Aurora Light Rail Corridor

In order to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility to the new RTD R-Line Light Rail Stations along the I-225 corridor, Clanton & Associates...

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Sign Code Survey Graph

Peña Station NEXT Sign Codes

The proposed sign luminance thresholds for Pena Station NEXT were developed with community input & consideration for clarity and legibility of signs.

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Anchorage Homes at Night in the Snow

Anchorage Street Lighting Criteria

Clanton & Associates developed and conducted street lighting demonstration projects for residential and commercial areas in the City of Anchorage.

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Golden Gate Bridge

California Title 24 Code Cycles

Building energy efficiency standards to ensure new and existing buildings are energy efficient and preserve outdoor and indoor environmental quality.

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Air Force Academy Courtyard at Night

Air Force Academy Courtyards

Outdoor lighting for the Air Force Academy’s CLDC courtyards creates a dynamic outdoor space with dimmable LED pedestrian and feature lighting.

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Union Station Plaza

Union Station Light Rail Plaza

At Denver Union Station’s Light Rail Terminal, a composition of light reveals the forms and textures of the plaza with bright focal accents...

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Bridge Lighting at Dusk

Millennium Bridge

Upgrading the lighting on the Millennium Bridge to improve visibility on the bridge, while reducing maintenance, energy use and light pollution.

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Fort Collins Alley at Night

Fort Collins Alleys

Multiple layers of light were employed using a combination of conventional and LED technologies. Maximizing aesthetics and minimizing glare.

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16th Street Pedestrian Area

16th Street Mall Historic Lighting

Lighting is a critical component for creating a vibrant and safe nighttime experience for pedestrians along Denver's historic 16th Street Mall.

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14th Street Sidewalk Lighting

14th Street Streetscapes

Streetscape Improvements in the heart of the theater district in downtown Denver, Colorado and lighting designed with a combination of technologies.

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Public Market Center Sign

Seattle Street Lighting Study

The Northwest Energy efficiency Alliance and the City of Seattle partnered to evaluate the future of led street lighting in the Pacific Northwest.

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Embassy Luminaires

The U.S Embassy, Helsinki

Daylight dimming, occupancy sensors, tuning, and scene controls minimizes the use of electric light in this 100 year old daylight building.

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USGBC Break Room Lighting and Daylighting

U.S. Green Building Council HQ

The US Green Building Council 75,000 square foot Headquarters in Washington, D.C. exemplifies a LEED Platinum Certified office building project.

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Chain Station Lighting Illustration

I-70 Chain Stations

During the design phase, Clanton & Associates modeled different lighting approaches to see if the sides of the trucks would be lighted even if snow...

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Central 70 Satellite Photo Overlay Illustration

Central 70

The team worked closely with the local utility, CCD, and CDOT to select the pedestrian lights, wall lights, and streetlights that met all criteria.

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I-25 Integral Lighting

I-25 Trinidad Lighting Design

Clanton & Associates provided the lighting design which is a prominent aesthetic feature, giving continuity and complementing the historical setting.

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Boulder Junction Pedestrian Lighting

Boulder Junction

This new bridge for vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic included state-of-the-art solid state (LED) roadway, pedestrian, and bollard lighting.

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US36 Express Lanes

US36 Express Lanes

Through Westminster and Broomfield, US 36 is illuminated with 70’ tall mid-mast lighting that is integrated into the median concrete guardrail.

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Westminster Station Park Nature Play

Landscape lighting at Westminster Park Nature Playground creates a moonlit effect at one of the largest nature playgrounds in the front range.

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