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Sustainable and Historic Lighting in the Centennial State's Capitol

The goal of this project was to demonstrate energy savings while enhancing the lighting quality with the latest technologies and maintaining the historical integrity of the building.

Demonstrations and mock-ups were set up in order to obtain feedback from the State Legislature, staff, project team, and other interested parties.  Extensive research and analysis were performed to understand the current system and future needs of a lighting system. In addition to the proposed design, cost and energy analysis were provided.

The result of the newly installed lighting provides energy efficient lighting equipment and lamps which have reduced the lighting electrical load by at least 30%. In addition, the cost of operating and maintaining the lighting system and the building’s carbon footprint has decreased. Heat gain in the building has been reduced to create a more comfortable environment. The lighting system increases the visual comfort of the space and is integrated with the architecture to maintain the beauty of the building.

The Colorado State Capitol Building is the first Capitol in the nation to obtain the US Green Building Council’s LEED certification for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance.

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Architectural & Daylighting




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